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Acrylic Shower Stall

Acrylic Shower Stall

There are two types of acrylic tub and shower units:  acrylic reinforced with fiberglass, and acrylic backed with a structural composite.

Acrylic is another way to say plastic.  Acrylic showers and tubs are molded from a single sheet of plastic.  The plastic is heated up and pulled into a mold. 

In the past, acrylic has been known to flex too much.  However, there have been great improvements in the product over the years.  Acrylic composites are much more sturdy and don’t flex as much.  A backing of thinset mortar or grout can also make the backing more sturdy.

Take care not to scratch your acrylic liner.  It is best to use softer scrubbing materials and to clean more often.  A squeegee is a good tool to use each time you shower. 

Each manufacturer has a recommended cleaning product.  Be sure to check with the manufacturer.








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