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Camp Shower

It doesn’t feel great to be all dirty when you are camping.  Fortunately the camp shower is an economical solution.

Camp Shower

Bagged Showers

Many bagged showers cost around $30.00 to $50.00.  Essentially it is a five gallon rubberized bag that has a shower head attached.  You can hang it from a tree or your RV to get a shower. 

Camp Shower Enclosures 

For less than $100.00 you can bring along a shower tent for your next camping tent.  The shower tent will give you privacy.

Hot Showers

The best hot shower will be portable and run on propane.  A pump will pressurize the water and the propane will heat it up quickly. 

Hose Showers

Many inexpensive outdoor showers are simply piping that you can hook up a hose to.  Many campsites have water hookups.  This makes setting up the outdoor shower a breeze.  Also, you won’t run out of water while showering. 

If you are going to a remote place, you will need a pump and a propane heater for the water, if desired.

Solar Showers

Camping solar showers are the bagged type.  They are black in color and they will absorb the sunlight.  Hang the bag in a tree or RV and after a couple of hours the five gallons of water will be warm enough for a shower.

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