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Flexible Shower Head

The flexible shower head is a favorite for three reasons: 1- Not getting water in the ears 2- pulsating control and 3- tub/shower conversion.  

Flexible Shower Head

The Tub Shower

Many people, usually female, want to wash their hair in the bathtub, but don’t want to stick their head under the water.  The flexible shower head can solve this problem because you can take the head right to the hair with ultimate control.  For people with long hair, it is also much better at rinsing out shampoo and conditioner because the water is closer to your head and controlled better.

Pulsating Control 

For example, a sore leg is difficult to put up to a regular shower head.  If you want control over the pulsating head then it needs to be flexible.  You should have a head that pulsates enough to tingle the skin.  This will allow sore muscle pain to be relieved.  It works in much the same way is Icy Hot when applied to the skin.

Tub/Shower Conversion

Many homes have bathtubs that do not have a shower.  In this case, it is easy to make the tub into a shower.  Here is how you do it.

  1. Take out the old tub spout.  Look underneath for a screw.  Undo the screw and pull the tub spout off.  If it doesn’t seem to be working, try and unscrew the tub spout counter clockwise.  Some tub spouts are screwed right onto the pipe while others are held on by a screw only.
  2. Screw on the new tub spout shower conversion adapter.  Make sure you purchase an adapter kit with your new flexible shower.  The adapter kit will screw right onto the tub spout.  Use Teflon tape and plumbers putty to keep the area watertight. A pipe wrench or channel lock pliers may be needed to mount the adapter.  Make sure to use a towel or rag under the wrench to prevent scratching the fixture. 
  3. Mount the flexible shower where desired.  Match the screws with the attaching material.  In general, make a pilot hole first, drill into existing studs, and caulk the area to keep it waterproof.
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