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Glass Shower Doors

Glass is simply elegant and looks great. It comes in clear, crystal clear, frosted, and wavy. 

Glass Shower Doors


Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. For this reason, make sure you get tempered glass.

The thickness also matters.  A good strong glass will be one half inch in width.  There are thinner glass doors that are 3/8 inch in width.  They may be adequate as well.


Glass often comes in various shades or tints.  Don’t just expect the glass to look crystal clear.  Sometimes it may have a green or red tint.  The thicker glass will have noticeably more tint.

Rounded Glass

Glass shower doors aren’t always square.  Sometimes they can be bent slightly or rounded for visual appeal.

Art Glass

Artistic glass can be sculptured.  It often comes in various designs etched into the glass or protruding glass bubbles poking out.  Art glass can also come in a wide variety of tints.





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