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High Flow Shower Head Massage

High flow heads are the most fun.  They have more power to the user and can do more things. 

High flow heads do not have blockages in them.  Low flow heads have a restriction (rubber ring) placed inside the head. 

High Flow Shower Head Massage

Pressure Rating or Gallons Per Minute

Shower heads can be rated by the gallons per minute or the overall pressure.  The gallons per minute is more accurate because it tells you how much water is coming out of the head.  For example, you could have a very fine powerful stream of water that was highly pressurized and delivered very little water. 

Shower Head Size

Large shower heads may produce less pressure because the water is diverted over a larger surface area.  However, the most enjoyable heads are large enough to cover the body well and produce enough pressure.  If you look for the highest pressure, you are likely to get a head that is smaller than average because high pressure favors small heads.

Pulsating Features

A good shower head will have some features.  Some can control the flow of the water.  In this way you can save water one day while blasting yourself on another day.

Look for pulsations that contrast with each other.  Many heads have various patterns that are so similar they don’t mean much to the end user.  Look for at least a high pulsating spray that has six or more patterns.  Don’t count the off setting as one of the features.




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