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Natural Shampoo

Natural Shampoo

Natural shampoo is another way of saying organic.  The materials used should not be man made.  Natural shampoos contain organic plant and earth materials.  Finely ground up stone and mud make good cleaning agents.  Natural shampoo is often made with hemp and natural oils like jojoba, aloe vera and peppermint.

Some natural shampoo actually has vitamins in it.  The skin can absorb the vitamins from shampooing.  For example, a citrus shampoo may have Vitamin C in it.  This may be a way you can help your children get some of their vitamins.   Please don’t substitute vitamins in shampoo for your children’s regular meals and supplements.

Natural shampoo is softer milder than petrochemical shampoos. You will find that the “softer” shampoo will not be as harsh on your hair.  This will tend to leave your hair feeling softer and lusher. 









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