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Organic Shampoo

Organic Shampoo

What do you get when you blend some finely ground stone, some clay dirt, and some peppermint?  You got it right: organic shampoo.   It is more expensive and not as foamy so why do people buy it?

It’s simple.  Have you ever read the ingredients of your shampoo bottle?  You may have a hard time pronouncing names such as diazolidinyl urea let alone understand what they are.

Many consumer groups point out that many of these chemicals are carcinogenic.  It’s like putting a petroleum blend on your head every morning. 

In additions, hormonal and allergy problems are associated with these chemicals.  It is well known in published scientific studies that most of these chemicals are bad for the human body.  This is one reason why the product should quickly be washed off. 

The best strategy is to read the label and look up what each product is.  Some manufacturers use synthetic “natural” materials and that makes it important to research the manufacturer of the product, as well.






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