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Outdoor Shower Information

Outdoor Shower Information

Outdoor Shower Types

When it comes to quality, stationary showers are the preferred choice. Wall mount showers are more economical. There are two installation types: wall mount and stand alone.

Wall Mount

Wall mount showers mount right on the side of the home.  The primary reason for this style is convenience of use and installation.

The majority of people install wall mount style. The advantages wall mount installation are:
1- You don't need to run the plumbing as far (i.e. cost savings).
2- You can use the wall as part of your shower enclosure. 
3- A lot of people want it close to the house anyway.

Stand Alone

Stand alone showers can be put anywhere in the yard.  A popular design feature is to put them at the end of a flagstone path.  A hidden shower feature can be romantic on hot summer nights.

Stand alone outdoor showers have the advantage of being able to be put right where you want them. How likely is it that the most romantic spot for a shower is next to a wall? A lot of people prefer the outdoor shower next to the pool (not their home). A romantic spot for an outdoor shower is down a stone path with a gazebo at the end. You may even consider an evening shower under the stars on warm nights. 


Natural materials like stone, cedar and glass are preferred.  A combination of a flagstone base and a cedar fence is a popular choice.  


The outdoor shower should not be “airtight”.  You should be able to see out into the yard and light should be able to come in.  Do not block out natural sunlight. 


 A five by five area is sufficient for one person.  However, outdoor showers are often part of a larger area.  For example, a large patio may incorporate an outdoor shower.  The shower feels roomy because you are on a 20 by 20 patio.

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