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Portable Showers

Portable Showers

Portable showers are inexpensive. Some are able to heat the water quickly, while others are basically a water container with a spigot. Portable showers have two primary purposes: camping and swimming.

Camping Showers

Have you ever went camping and not been able to take a shower. Then, finally, after a few days ,or even a week, you get to take a shower and it feels like the best thing on earth. With a camping shower, you can take a shower with you. Small portable showers do not take up a lot of space. If you camp at a campground with water hookups you can get a shower that hooks up by means of a garden hose. If you don't have access to a spigot you will want to get a container shower. Container showers are the type that are a water container you raise up in the air. The container has a built in spray head that works as a shower. If you are camping in the summer, you can get a black container or solar shower. Since black absorbs the sunlight it will heat the water for your shower in about two hours (on average). A great benefit of a self contained portable shower is that you can also use it for hot drinking water in cooking and cleaning of dishes. Self contained heated units cost between $150.00 up to around $1000.00. An average cost for a decent self contained heated shower is around $350.00.

Swimming Showers

Portable swimming showers are the type that you hook up to your garden hose. Many people like to have a shower next to the pool to rinse off before and after pool usage. It is a good idea to have your guests shower before entering your pool. It keeps the pool water clean. Your guests will like having an outdoor shower to rinse off with after swimming. Some portable outdoor showers are heated and some are not. You may be suprised that the cost of a heated unit is only a few hundred dollars. One of the main reasons people like a portable swimming pool shower is that drainage and frozen plumbing pipes in the winter are not a concern. In addition, portable showers are less expensive.

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