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Self Contained Showers

Self Contained Showers

Self contained showers refer to two different things.

1- The shower is enclosed completely so all the water is contained inside the enclosure or

2- The shower comes with all the necessary equipment to produce a hot shower for you.

Hot Showers

Self contained showers can heat water instantly. They run on propane tanks. Smaller units use small green propane tanks you might use for your propane camp stove. Larger units come with larger propane tanks and can heat a lot more water. You have two options when purchasing a hot water shower. You can submerge a container and put a pump in the water to run the water or you can hook up a garden hose. Most hot showers will be able to run for 10 minutes or more. You should check the label to make sure the shower will be able to produce enough hot water for your needs. 








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