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Shower Flooring

Shower Flooring

Shiatsu Mat

The Chinese believe in reflexology.  It is the idea that if you put pressure on certain parts of your feet that it can make you feel better in other parts of your body.  This idea inspired the Shiatsu Mat.  It is a mat that you stand on while taking a shower.  It feels really good on your feet due to its unique shape and helps you grip the floor. 

Grip Mats and Grip Tape

A slippery shower can be dangerous.  Have you ever noticed that most hotels and motels have a grip mat in the tub.  That mat is so that you don’t slip and fall down while taking a shower.  It is a good idea to have a grip mat or install grip tape if you don’t already have it.

Drain Slippage

Shower drains, over time, fill up with hair.  As they start to clog, the water goes down more slowly.  The water will start pooling up around the feet.  This water will be full of soap from showering.  What can happen is that people start to slip on the soap in the water.  Because of this, soap will build up even more, over time, exacerbating the problem.  The solution is to always keep the drain clear.  You can use a wire hanger to clean out the drain hair or some Drano.






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