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Shower Heads

Shower Heads


For a natural feel, consider rain shower heads.  The larger pattern feels more like natural rain than other shower heads.

Pulsating and Flexible

It’s fun to have a pulsating shower head.  The water will massage your muscles.  In addition, it is more fun to take a shower when you can adjust the pulses to how you like them.  The flexible shower head can be held in hand and used with more control, as well.

Low Flow

If water is a concern in your area use a low flow shower head.  The aerated shower head will feel like a head that puts out much more water.  The tiny droplets tingle on your body. 

High Flow

If you are lucky enough to have a high flow head and lots of water pressure, make sure you get a top of the line massage shower head.  It will make the shower lots of fun. 






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