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Shower Massage

Have a fun day at the beach or a hard day at the office?  A great way to relax and unwind is through the power of the shower massage.

Shower Massage


Shower massage is more effective than a massage chair, massage pillow, or massage pad. 

Pressurized water can put a lot more force on your body than other types of mechanical massage.  The water sprays on you as you to create tingling sensations and muscle aching relief. 

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the hot water will help loosen muscles much more thoroughly and quickly than other mechanical methods.  Do you ever take a hot shower or bath on a cold day to warm up?  I think you get the idea.

Effectiveness lies in getting the muscles warmer and the greater force being applied through water pressurization.  There is also the fact that water, by itself, is rejuvenating.  It’s part of nature.   


Many people don’t realize how much fun the shower massage can be because they take a utilitarian view of the shower. 

Showers and baths can be fun and rejuvenating.  A common way to make it fun is to get the ultimate pulsating head. 

You can also install more than one shower head.  In this way, you can shower with one or more people.  In addition, you have more variety of various pressurizations and head patterns. 

One fun thing to do, is to install the shower in the ceiling and have it come out in a waterfall. 

The important factor to consider is  whether or not you feel excited about the prospect of using the shower.  If you do, then you are probably doing the right thing.

Pulsating Massage

Shower heads pulsate.  The head is pressurized extra and then released to get the effect.  There are many pulsating variations. 

Look for heads that have many options.  Many pulsating heads have only four or six options. Some heads will have eight or more pulsating patterns. 
Check the head to see if it is high flow or low flow to match the needs you are looking for.  High flow heads are preferred for high pressure massage.  A low flow head can also pulsate well and will save a lot of water.

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