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Shower Water Filter

Shower Water Filter

We put water filtration on our drinking water, but often forget that our skin absorbs chemicals.  Chlorine and other harmful chemicals are absorbed into our bodies when we take a shower.  One way to stop this problem is to use a shower water filter.  Shower filters out chlorine and other contaminants.

Carcinogens and Contaminants

Many of the products in our water today are carcinogenic.  For example, pesticides, lead, and arsenic are found in tap water.  When we shower, our pores open up and we can absorb harmful chemicals.  One of the most known chemical that we will take in is chlorine.  There is mounting evidence that chlorine can cause numerous digestive, allergic, and circulatory problems.   The effects may seem small, but over a lifetime of use your chances of longevity will decrease with contaminant consumption.

Burned Hair

According to professional hairdressers, many people come into the salon, unknowingly, with chlorine damage to their hair. 

Chlorine Levels

Chlorine levels continue to rise as our environment gets more toxic.  Governments need to chlorinate water to prevent serious diseases from breaking out in the general population.  Water is delivered (mostly) to our homes relatively safe.  Then, adding a water shower can make the water even more pure for us to consume.  


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