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Stone Shower Stalls

Stone Shower Stalls

Stone is more expensive than acrylic or fiberglass, but it looks awesome.  In addition, it is a natural product and will help you feel close to nature.  Stone typically costs 30-50% more to have installed. 

Stone can be designed in a number of ways.  Tile suppliers often sell large mosaic like tiles that have been pre cut into patterns.  This type of stone tile can look really good.

Some other options are to use a vertical cut piece in line at chest level.  Chest level is often a good place to put your design.  Even a simple design will go a long way in sprucing up the shower.

Other design options include the mixture of texture.  For example, gold plated tiles mixed with white stone marble create color contrast.  Other options may include recessed “feathered” tiles that create a modernistic classical approach.

To get design ideas, look at books of installations you like.  Then, go and look at peoples homes taking note of what you like.  Finally, draw the design out and wait a few days to see if the design really sticks with you.






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